Monday , 23 October 2017

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緯創資通是全球最大的資訊及通訊產品主要供應商之一,除總部定基於台灣外,緯創資通更佈局全球運籌及營運據點於亞洲. Wages. wnc regularly reviews and adjusts employee salaries to ensure reasonable compensation for colleagues as well as to retain and attract talented employees.. For many years, with joint efforts of the management team and all employees, chicony power technology co., ltd. has developed into a transnational computer peripheral.

Taipei (cna) – the number of tourists from countries covered under the government's new southbound policy who visited taiwan between january and august registered. Stan shih. honorary chairman. stan shih, acer’s co-founder returned as chairman in november 2013 with the objective of leading the company through a third corporate. Board structure tsmc's board of directors consists of ten distinguished members with a great breadth of experience as world-class business leaders or professionals..

Employee career development plans at wnc. wnc’s training strategy is developed based on company policies and organizational strategies. while also taking individual. 緯創資通交通車路線表 路線名稱 景平路 → 中正路 → 北二高 (中和交流道) 得和路409號(麥當勞)→得和路315號(三陽機車)→百.